Déguisement Batman

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Déguisement Batman est un jeu très fun !! Dans ce jeu, tu as la possibilité de relooker cette jeune fille dans un style qui s’apparente beaucoup à celui de son super héros favoris, j’ai cité Batman. Pour la maquiller cliquez sur les touches qui sont situées juste à côté de la jolie demoiselle. Déguise là, comme bon te semble.

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Une réponse à “Déguisement Batman”

  1. Kiran dit :

    I like the poster, and I *love* Nolan’s films. I have to be hoesnt though, the one thing he seems to have a weakness about is women actors. Aside from Carrie-Ann Moss in Memento, and Ellen Page (though her character wasn’t terribly fleshed out you have to look back at Page’s other work to know she’s an amazing actor) and Marion Cotillard (brilliant) in Inception, he’s gone with questionable talent in that department. Scarlet Johansen (sp?) was distractingly sub-par compared to everyone else in The Prestige, Katie Holmes could’ve been replaced by a coat rack with a wig, and Maggie Gyllenhal while the most talented of the three has more of an eclectic or alternative look/style. I’m already nervous enough about the inclusion of Catwoman in this installment, and the rumors it’s Anne-Hathaway? I like Anne! But she’s another one-note woman who can’t act her way out of a stereotypical role.Why can Nolan extract such amazing things from male leads, but can’t consistently pick a good woman *and* have her do well in a three-dimensional role is beyond me. Ledger’s Joker has got to be one of the best performances ever, of any kind. When he is on the screen you simply can’t look away. And the chills? Please don’t let Catwoman have the same facial expression and monotone voice the whole time .it’ll be such a waste.

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